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nixos-enter - Man Page

run a command in a NixOS chroot environment


nixos-enter [--root root] [--system system] [-c shell-command] [--silent] [--help] [-- arguments]


This command runs a command in a NixOS chroot environment, that is, in a filesystem hierarchy previously prepared using nixos-install.


This command accepts the following options:


The path to the NixOS system you want to enter. It defaults to /mnt.


The NixOS system configuration to use. It defaults to /nix/var/nix/profiles/system. You can enter a previous NixOS configuration by specifying a path such as /nix/var/nix/profiles/system-106-link.

--command,  -c

The bash command to execute.


Suppresses all output from the activation script of the target system.


Interpret the remaining arguments as the program name and arguments to be invoked. The program is not executed in a shell.


Start an interactive shell in the NixOS installation in /mnt:

# nixos-enter --root /mnt

Run a shell command:

# nixos-enter -c 'ls -l /; cat /proc/mounts'

Run a non-shell command:

# nixos-enter -- cat /proc/mounts


Eelco Dolstra



01/01/1980 NixOS Reference Pages