nilfs_cleanerd man page

nilfs_cleanerd — NILFS2 garbage collector


nilfs_cleanerd [-hV]

nilfs_cleanerd [options] device [directory]


nilfs_cleanerd is a system daemon which reclaims disk space of a NILFS2 file system found in device.

The optional directory argument specifies the mount point where the daemon operates. It must be an r/w-mount.

This program can be invoked either automatically by mount.nilfs2(8) or manually by an administrator. However, users are recommended to invoke nilfs_cleanerd through mount.nilfs2(8) or mount(8) and shutdown it through umount.nilfs2(8) or umount(8) in order to avoid state inconsistencies among administration tools.

nilfs_cleanerd displays its process ID (pid) to standard output when it started.


-V, --version
Display version and exit.
-h, --help
Display help message and exit.
-c file, --conf=file
Specify configuration file.
-p interval, --protection-period=interval
Override protection period with the specified number of seconds.


nilfs_cleanerd reacts to a set of signals. You may send a signal to nilfs_cleanerd using the PID shown by the mount command (or in /etc/mtab):

# mount -t nilfs2
/dev/sdb1 on /nilfs type nilfs2 (rw,gcpid=PID)
# kill -SIGNAL PID
This lets nilfs_cleanerd perform a re-initialization. The configuration file (default is /etc/nilfs_cleanerd.conf) will be reread.
The nilfs_cleanerd will exit cleanly.
Reserved for future use. These let nilfs_cleanerd die at present.


Configuration file for nilfs_cleanerd. See nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5) for details.


Koji Sato


nilfs_cleanerd is part of the nilfs-utils package and available from

See Also

nilfs(8), mount.nilfs2(8), umount.nilfs2(8), nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5).

Referenced By

mount.nilfs2(8), nilfs(8), nilfs-clean(8), nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5), umount.nilfs2(8).

Apr 2014 nilfs-utils version 2.2