newaliases.opensmtpd man page

newaliases ā€” rebuild the database for the mail aliases file


newaliases [-f file]


newaliases rebuilds the random access database for the mail aliases file, the location of which is defined in smtpd.conf(5), and which by default is /etc/opensmtpd/aliases. If using database (db) files this utility must be run every time the aliases(5) file is changed.

The options are as follows:

-f file

Use file as the configuration file, instead of the default /etc/opensmtpd/smtpd.conf.

Note: this utility is provided for sendmail compatibility. The preferred way of rebuilding the database is with makemap(8):

# makemap -t aliases /etc/opensmtpd/aliases



List of local user mail aliases.


List of virtual host aliases.

Exit Status

The newaliases utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. newaliases

See Also

smtpd.conf(5), makemap(8)


The newaliases command first appeared in OpenBSD 4.6 as a replacement for the equivalent command shipped with sendmail.