netplan-set - Man Page

write netplan YAML configuration snippets to file


netplan [--debug] set -h | --help

netplan [--debug] set [--root-dir=ROOT_DIR] [--origin-hint=ORIGIN_HINT] [key=value]


netplan set [key=value] writes a given key/value pair or YAML subtree into a YAML file in /etc/netplan/ and validates its format.

You can specify a single value as: "[network.]ethernets.eth0.dhcp4=[,]" or a full subtree as: "[network.]ethernets.eth0={dhcp4: true, dhcp6: true}".

For details of the configuration file format, see netplan(5).


-h,  --help

Print basic help.


Print debugging output during the process.


Write YAML files into this root instead of /


Specify a name for the config file, e.g.: 70-netplan-set => /etc/netplan/70-netplan-set.yaml

See Also

netplan(5), netplan-get(8), netplan-dbus(8)


Lukas Märdian (

Referenced By

netplan(5), netplan-dbus(8), netplan-get(8).