netplan-get - Man Page

read merged netplan YAML configuration


netplan [–debug] get -h | –help

netplan [–debug] get [–root-dir=ROOT_DIR] [key]


netplan get [key] reads all YAML files from /{etc,lib,run}/netplan/*.yaml and returns a merged view of the current configuration

You can specify all as a key (the default) to get the full YAML tree or extract a subtree by specifying a nested key like: [network.]ethernets.eth0.

For details of the configuration file format, see netplan(5).


-h, –help

Print basic help.


Print debugging output during the process.


Read YAML files from this root instead of /

See Also

netplan(5), netplan-set(8), netplan-dbus(8)


Lukas Märdian (

Referenced By

netplan(5), netplan-dbus(8), netplan-set(8).