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ncid-mysql-setup - Man Page


ncid-setup mysql <authentication>


The ncid-mysql-setup script initializes the MySQL or MariaDB database, table and user that is required for the ncid-mysql output module. All existing data will be erased.

The ncid-mysql-setup script uses the ncid-mysql.conf file for the database configuration.

You do not execute ncid-mysql-setup directly. Instead, you launch it as follows:

    ncid-setup mysql <authentication>



Represents a string of options passed directly to the mysql command line client (it is called mysql for both MySQL and MariaDB).

It must specify a user and password (if needed) that has MySQL or MariaDB administrative privileges.

This is usually a MySQL or MariaDB user called 'root'. It is not the same as the 'root' login for this machine.

Typically you would type:

     ncid-setup mysql -u root
     ncid-setup mysql -u root -p<password>
     ncid-setup mysql -u root --password=<password>

If a password is required for the administrative login, you must specify it on the command line.


Network access to a MySQL or MariaDB database server.

The MySQL or MariaDB command line client 'mysql'.

Configured ncid-mysql.conf file.



See Also

ncid-mysql(1), ncid-setup(1), ncidd(8), ncid_modules(7), ncid(1)

Referenced By

ncid_modules(7), ncid-mysql(1), ncid-setup(1).

2022-11-8 NCID