nbd-clid - Man Page


nbd-clid is a client side daemon, which will handle the cmd requests from nbd-cli and do the stale connections restore when the node or the nbd-runner is reboot


nbd-clid [OPTION]


-r, --rhost=<RUNNER_HOST>

Specify the host where the nbd-runner service is running and listening for the RPC Control command requests, such as create/delete/map/unmap/list, etc from the nbd-clid/nbd-cli side, "localhost" as default.

-u, --uid=<UID>

Run as uid, default is current user

-g, --gid=<GID>

Run as gid, default is current user group

-h, --help

Display this help and exit

-v, --version

Display version and exit


The RUNNER_HOST will be useful if the nbd-runner and nbd-clid services are working on diffrent nodes.

See Also

nbd-runner(8), nbd-cli(8),


Xiubo Li <xiubli@redhat.com>

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs via gluster-devel <gluster-devel@gluster.org>
or <https://github.com/gluster/nbd-runner/issues>

Referenced By

nbd-cli(8), nbd-runner(8).