myproxy-replicate man page

myproxy-replicate — Stores data from the MyProxy master repository to all the slave servers.


myproxy-replicate [options] ...

   [-verbose-v]                      Print copious output
   [-help-h]                         Print usage
   [-storage-r]=<path to repository> Directory of the MyProxy repository.
   [-config-c]=<path to config file> Directory of the MyProxy Server
                                      configuration file.
   [-debug⎪-d]                        Run in debug mode


myproxy-replicate Replicates data.

This utility will read a specified MyProxy repository and send any new or changed data to a slave MyProxy server. The slave servers are specified in the myproxy-server.config(5) file.

This utility will need to run at some specified interval in order to keep the slave repositories semi current with the Master repository. This can best be accomplished using cron, or some similar mechanism.


-v, -verbose
Enables verbose debugging output to the terminal.
-h, -help
Displays command usage text and exits.
-u, -usage
Displays command usage text and exits.
-r dir, -storage dir
Specifies the location of the credential storage directory. The directory must be accessible only by the user running the myproxy-server process for security reasons. Default: /var/lib/myproxy or /var/myproxy or $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var/myproxyA
-c file, -config file
Specifies the location of the myproxy-server configuration file. Default: /etc/myproxy-server.config or

See Also

myproxy-init(1) myproxy-store(1) myproxy-retrieve(1) myproxy-delegate(1) myproxy-server(8) myproxy-server.config(5)


2005-05-3 perl v5.8.4 User Contributed Perl Documentation