mydnsexport - Man Page

Output zone data in various foreign file formats


mydnsexport [-b, --bind] [-t, --tinydns-data] [-D, --database=dbname] [-h, --host=hostname] [-p, --password[=password]] [-u, --user=username] [-v, --verbose] [--help] [--version] [ZONE] [...]


mydnsexport outputs information about the zone(s) specified on the command line to the standard output, in the format specified.  By default, it outputs BIND zone file format.  Currently it can also output in tinydns-data format if the -t, --tinydns-data option is specified.

If no zones are specified, all zones will be output.


-b, --bind

Output the specified zone(s) in BIND zone file format.

-t, --tinydns-data

Output the specified zone(s) in tinydns-data format.

-D, --database=dbname

Use the database called dbname.

-h, --host=hostname

Connect to database server at hostname.

-p, --pass=password

Supply password when connecting to the database server.  If the password argument is omitted, it will be prompted on the tty.

-u, --user=username

Use username when connecting to the database server.

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose output while running.


Display program help and exit.


Output version number and exit.


Don Moore <>  Howard Wilkinson <>


See Also

mydns(8), mydns.conf(5), mydnscheck(8), mydnsimport(8)

Referenced By

mydns(8), mydnscheck(8), mydns-conf(8), mydnsimport(8).

Jul 2020 mydns System Administrator's Manual