mydns-conf - Man Page

Sets up a MyDNS service


mydns-conf logacct D


mydns-conf creates a service directory D that runs mydns(8). The name D must start with a slash and must not contain any special characters. Normally D is /etc/mydns.

You can run the service under svscan(8) by creating a symbolic link in the svscan(8) directory:

ln -s D /service

The service will start within five seconds, and will be restarted upon reboot.  You can use svc(8) to control the service.

mydns-conf creates an automatically rotated log directory in D/log/main. The logs are owned by logacct. The corresponding multilog(8) processes run under the uid and gid of logacct. The name logacct must not contain any special characters.


Don Moore <>  Howard Wilkinson <>


See Also

mydns(8), mydns.conf(5), mydnsexport(8), mydnsimport(8), svscan(8), svc(8), multilog(8)


Jul 2020 mydns System Administrator's Manual