mydns - Man Page

SQL-based Internet name daemon.


mydns [-b, --background] [-c, --conf=filename] [-d, --debug] [-D, --database=dbname] [-h, --host=hostname] [-p, --password[=password]] [-u, --user=username] [-v, --verbose] [--create-tables] [--dump-config] [--debug-<module>[=<debug_level>]] [--help] [--version]


mydns is a SQL-based DNS server.


-b, --background

Run in the background, as a daemon.

-c, --conf=filename

Read configuration from filename instead of the default (/etc/mydns.conf).  Consult mydns.conf(5) for information about configuring mydns.

-d, --debug

Output huge amounts of diagnostic text while running.  This option is only available if MyDNS was configured with the --enable-debug option.

-D, --database=dbname

Use the database called dbname.

-h, --host=hostname

Connect to database server at hostname.

-p, --pass=password

Supply password when connecting to the database server.  If the password argument is omitted, it will be prompted on the tty.

-u, --user=username

Use username when connecting to the database server.

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose output while running.


Write CREATE TABLE statements suitable for creating the tables used by mydns to the standard output and exit.


Read the current configuration (if any).  Dump all possible configuration options to the standard output, with current values filled in.  For options not presently configured, the internal defaults will be used.  Output is in mydns.conf format, which is handy for creating a mydns.conf template.


Switch on debug for a particular module and set the debug level if given.


Display program help and exit.


Output version number and exit.



The default location of the configuration file.  (See mydns.conf(5))


Don Moore <>  Howard Wilkinson <>


See Also

mydns.conf(5), mydnscheck(8), mydnsexport(8), mydnsimport(8)

This man page is a quick reference.  For detailed documentation, see the MyDNS user's manual, available from

Referenced By

mydnscheck(8), mydns-conf(8), mydns.conf(5), mydnsexport(8), mydnsimport(8).

Jul 2020 mydns System Administrator's Manual