mvrefind - Man Page

Move a rEFInd installation from one location to another


mvrefind SOURCE DEST


Move a rEFInd installation from SOURCE to DEST, where both SOURCE and DEST are directories on the EFI System Partition (ESP), with SOURCE containing a working rEFInd installation. This operation entails taking several actions:

Broadly speaking, mvrefind understands three types of locations for both SOURCE and DEST, relative to the root of the ESP:

mvrefind attempts to identify the ESP and refuses to move between the ESP and any other partition. When it does move files, it moves the main rEFInd binary, the refind.conf file, any identified Shim binary, and the icons, icons-backup, drivers_*, and keys subdirectories. If other rEFInd files or directories are present in SOURCE (such as a custom theme/icons directory), they will not be moved. If SOURCE is empty after the specified files and subdirectories are moved, SOURCE will be deleted.


Primary author: Roderick W. Smith (

See Also

mkrlconf(8), refind-install(8).


The mvrefind command is part of the rEFInd package and is available from Roderick W. Smith.

Referenced By

mkrlconf(8), refind-install(8), refind-mkdefault(8).

0.13.3 Roderick W. Smith rEFInd Manual