munin-html man page

munin-html — A program to generate html-pages in an Munin installation


munin-html [options]


--service <service>
Limit services to those of <service>. Multiple --service options may be supplied. [unset]
--host <host>
Limit hosts to those of <host<gt>. Multiple --host options may be supplied. [unset]
--config <file>
Use <file> as configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin.conf]
View help message.
If set, view debug messages. [--nodebug]


Munin-html is a part of the package Munin, which is used in combination with Munin's node. Munin is a group of programs to gather data from Munin's nodes, graph them, create html-pages, and optionally warn Nagios about any off-limit values.

Munin-html creates the html pages.




This is munin-html version svn-trunk-r4007


Knut Haugen, Audun Ytterdal and Jimmy Olsen.


munin-html does, as of now, not check the syntax of the configuration file.

Please report other bugs in the bug tracker at <http://munin-monitoring.org/>.

See Also

For information on configuration options, please refer to the man page for munin.conf.

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