mungekey - Man Page

MUNGE key management utility


mungekey [-c] [-b bits] [-f] [-k keyfile] [-v]


The mungekey executable is the key management utility for MUNGE. It should be run by the same user that starts the munged daemon.

If no options are specified, mungekey will attempt to create a new key using the default settings; this will fail if the keyfile already exists.

All munged daemons within a security realm must use the same key. In other words, all hosts within an administrative group (or cluster) using MUNGE for authentication must use the same key; this keyfile can be created on one host and then securely copied to all other hosts.


-b,  --bits integer

Specify the number of bits in the key being created [256-8192].

-c,  --create

Create a new keyfile.

-f,  --force

Force the keyfile to be overwritten if it already exists.

-h,  --help

Display a summary of the command-line options.

-k,  --keyfile path

Specify the keyfile pathname.

-L,  --license

Display license information.

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose.

-V,  --version

Display version information.



Contains the shared cryptographic key for hosts within the security realm.


Chris Dunlap <>

See Also

munge(1), remunge(1), unmunge(1), munge(3), munge_ctx(3), munge_enum(3), munge(7), munged(8).

Referenced By

munge(1), munge(3), munge(7), munge_ctx(3), munged(8), munge_enum(3), remunge(1), unmunge(1).

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