multipathc - Man Page

Interactive client for multipathd


multipathc [ timeout ]


The multipathc tool provides an interactive shell for communicating with the multipathd daemon. The command multipathd -k invokes multipathc.

All commands documented in multipathd(8) are supported. The available commands can be viewed by entering 'help'. Use quit, exit, or CTRL-D to exit the shell. Keywords can be abbreviated with the first letters (for example, shu for shutdown), if the abbreviation is unique. Some commands support pretty-printing using printf-style format specifiers. The supported format specifiers can be listed with the command show wildcards. Depending on build options, the interactive shell may provide command completion and history expansion features.

The optional parameter timeout specifies the timeout to wait for a reply from multipathd, in milliseconds. The default is 4000 ms.

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multipath-tools was developed by Christophe Varoqui <> and others.

Referenced By

multipath.conf(5), multipathd(8).

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