mptcpize - Man Page

enable MPTCP on existing services


mptcpize[-?V] [--help] [--usage] [--version] COMMAND


mptcpize is a program that enables multipath TCP on existing legacy services, where COMMAND is one of the following:

run [-d] prog [args]

Run target program with the specified command line arguments, forcing MPTCP socket usage instead of TCP.  If the -d argument is provided, dump messages on stderr when a TCP socket is forced to use MPTCP.

enable unit

Update the systemd unit file, forcing the given service to run under the above launcher.

disable unit

Update the systemd unit file, removing the above launcher.


mptcpize accepts the following command line options:


display mptcpize help information


display brief mptcpize usage information


display mptcpize version information

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to

See Also

ip-mptcp(8), mptcpd(8)


2021-09-23 Multipath TCP Daemon System Management Commands