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modifyrepo_c - Man Page

Modify a repomd.xml of rpm-md format repository


modifyrepo_c [options] <input metadata> <output repodata>

modifyrepo_c --remove <metadata type> <output repodata>

modifyrepo_c [options] --batchfile <batch file> <output repodata>



Show program's version number and exit.

--mdtype MDTYPE

Specific datatype of the metadata, will be derived from the filename if not specified.


Remove specified file from repodata.


Compress the new repodata before adding it to the repo. (default)


Do not compress the new repodata before adding it to the repo.

--compress-type COMPRESS_TYPE

Compression format to use.

-s --checksum SUMTYPE

Specify the checksum type to use. (default: sha256)


Include the file's checksum in the filename, helps with proxies. (default)


Do not include the file's checksum in the filename.


Verbose output.

-f --batchfile BATCHFILE

Batch file.

--new-name NEWFILENAME

New filename for the file


Generate zchunk files as well as the standard repodata.

--zck-dict-dir ZCK_DICT_DIR

Directory containing compression dictionaries for use by zchunk