mkcp - Man Page

make a NILFS2 checkpoint


mkcp [options] [device]


mkcp is a utility for making a checkpoint or snapshot for the NILFS2 file system found in device.  When device is omitted, it tries to find a NILFS2 file system from /proc/mounts.

This command is valid only for mounted NILFS2 file systems, and will fail if the device has no active mounts.


-s,  --snapshot

Create a snapshot.

-p,  --print

Print the checkpoint number when successfully created.

-h,  --help

Display help message and exit.

-V,  --version

Display version and exit.


Koji Sato


mkcp is part of the nilfs-utils package and is available from

See Also

nilfs(8), lscp(1), chcp(8), rmcp(8), nilfs-tune(8).

Referenced By

chcp(8), lscp(1), nilfs(8), nilfs-tune(8), rmcp(8).

Apr 2014 nilfs-utils version 2.2