microdnf - Man Page

Micro DNF



microdnf [OPTIONâ.¦] COMMAND


Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options

Application Options


Automatically answer no for all questions

-y,  --assumeyes

Automatically answer yes for all questions


Try the best available package versions in transactions

--config=<config file>

Configuration file location


Disable repository by an id


Disable plugins by name


Enable repository by an id


Enable plugins by name


Do not limit the transaction to the best candidates


Set install root


Install packages without docs


Disable loading of plugins


Set metadata as expired before running the command


Override the value of $releasever in config and repo files


Override a configuration option (install_weak_deps=0/1, allow_vendor_change=0/1, keepcache=0/1, module_platform_id=<name:stream>, cachedir=<path>, reposdir=<path1>,<path2>,..., tsflags=nodocs/test, varsdir=<path1>,<path2>,..., repo_id.option_name=<value>)


July 2023 microdnf 3.10.0 System Administration Utilities