memavaild - Man Page

Daemon that keeps amount of available memory


memavaild [OPTION]...


memavaild is a daemon that tries to keep amount of available memory to improve system responsiveness during heavy swapping.

Default behavior: the control groups specified in the config (user.slice and system.slice) are swapped out when MemAvailable is low by reducing memory.high (values change dynamically). memavaild tries to keep about 3% available memory.

Effects: tasks are performed at less I/O and memory pressure (and this may be detected by PSI metrics). At the same time, performance may be increased in tasks that requires heavy swapping, especially in I/O bound tasks. Using memavaild has no effect without swap space.

Command-Line Options


path to the config file


Known problems



path to configuration file


path to file with default memavaild.conf values

Restore Default Config

To resore config file with default values execute

sudo cp /usr/share/memavaild/memavaild.conf /etc/memavaild.conf

How to Configure

Edit the config and restart the service.

Reporting Bugs

Feel free to ask any questions and report bugs at <>.


Written by Alexey Avramov <>.


Homepage is <>.


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