mcstransd man page

mcstransd — MCS (Multiple Category System) daemon. Translates SELinux MCS/MLS labels to human readable form.


This manual page describes the mcstransd program.

This daemon reads /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf and /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/secolors.conf configuration files, and communicates with libselinux via a socket in /var/run/setrans. It also watches for files created in /var/run/setrans and uses the contents of these files to generate translations to the names. For example writing a file /var/run/setrans/mydomain with content of s0:c1,c2 will cause mcstrans to translate s0:c1,c2 to mydomain.


This man page was written by Dan Walsh <>. The program was originally written by Dan Walsh <>. The program was enhanced/rwwritten by Joe Nall <>.



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secolor.conf(8), selinux_raw_context_to_color(3).

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