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macof - Man Page

flood a switched LAN with random MAC addresses


macof [-i interface] [-s src] [-d dst] [-e tha] [-x sport] [-y dport] [-n times]


macof floods the local network with random MAC addresses (causing some switches to fail open in repeating mode, facilitating sniffing). A straight C port of the original Perl Net::RawIP macof program by Ian Vitek <ian.vitek@infosec.se>.


-i interface

Specify the interface to send on.

-s src

Specify source IP address.

-d dst

Specify destination IP address.

-e tha

Specify target hardware address.

-x sport

Specify TCP source port.

-y dport

Specify TCP destination port.

-n times

Specify the number of packets to send.

Values for any options left unspecified will be generated randomly.

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Dug Song <dugsong@monkey.org>