lcp_crtpol2 man page

lcp_crtpol2 — create an Intel(R) TXT policy (and policy data file)


lcp_crtpol2 COMMAND [OPTION]


lcp_crtpol2 is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy (and policy data file) for platforms produced after 2008.



Create an TXT policy. The following options are available:

--type any|list
--pol file
policy file
[--ver version]
[--minver ver]
[--rev ctr1,ctrN]
revocation values (comma separated, no spaces)
[--ctrl pol-ctrl]
policy control
[--data file]
policy data file
policy list files

Show the content of policy file or policy data file. Available options are:

breif format output
policy file
policy data file
Print out the help message.
Enable verbose output; can be specified with any command.


Assuming a policy list file list-unsig.lst has been created by the command lcp_crtpolist(8). The following example will create a policy and policy data file.

lcp_crtpol2 --create --type list --pol list.pol --data list.data list-unsig.lst

See Also

lcp_crtpol(8), lcp_mlehash(8), lcp_crtpolelt(8), lcp_crtpollist(8).

Referenced By

lcp_crtpolelt(8), lcp_crtpollist(8), tb_polgen(8).

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