kprop - Man Page

propagate a Kerberos V5 principal database to a replica server


kprop [-r realm] [-f file] [-d] [-P port] [-s keytab] replica_host


kprop is used to securely propagate a Kerberos V5 database dump file from the primary Kerberos server to a replica Kerberos server, which is specified by replica_host.  The dump file must be created by kdb5_util(8).


-r realm

Specifies the realm of the primary server.

-f file

Specifies the filename where the dumped principal database file is to be found; by default the dumped database file is normally /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/replica_datatrans.

-P port

Specifies the port to use to contact the kpropd(8) server on the remote host.


Prints debugging information.

-s keytab

Specifies the location of the keytab file.


See kerberos(7) for a description of Kerberos environment variables.

See Also

kpropd(8), kdb5_util(8), krb5kdc(8), kerberos(7)



Referenced By

kdb5_util(8), kerberos(7), kpropd(8).

1.19.2 MIT Kerberos