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knotd - Man Page

Knot DNS server daemon


knotd [config_option] [options]


Knot DNS is a high-performance authoritative DNS server. The knotd program is the DNS server daemon.

Config options

-c,  --config file

Use a textual configuration file (default is /etc/knot/knot.conf).

-C,  --confdb directory

Use a binary configuration database directory (default is /var/lib/knot/confdb). The default configuration database, if exists, has a preference to the default configuration file.


-m,  --max-conf-size MiB

Set maximum size of the configuration database (default is 500 MiB, maximum 10000 MiB).

-s,  --socket path

Use a remote control UNIX socket path (default is /run/knot/knot.sock).

-d,  --daemonize [directory]

Run the server as a daemon. New root directory may be specified (default is /).

-v,  --verbose

Enable debug output.

-h,  --help

Print the program help.

-V,  --version

Print the program version.


If the knotd process receives a SIGHUP signal, it reloads its configuration and reopens the log files, if they are configured. When knotd receives a SIGUSR1 signal, it reloads all configured zones. Upon receiving a SIGINT signal, knotd exits.

Exit Values

Exit status of 0 means successful operation. Any other exit status indicates an error.

See Also

knot.conf(5), knotc(8), keymgr(8), kjournalprint(8).


CZ.NIC Labs <https://www.knot-dns.cz>

Referenced By

configuration.nix(5), kcatalogprint(8), keymgr(8), kjournalprint(8), knotc(8), knsec3hash(1), kzonecheck(1).

2024-06-25 3.3.7 Knot DNS