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kiwi::result::bundle - Man Page

Bundle build results


kiwi-ng [global options] service <command> [<args>]

kiwi-ng result bundle -h | --help
kiwi-ng result bundle --target-dir=<directory> --id=<bundle_id> --bundle-dir=<directory>
kiwi-ng result bundle help


Create a result bundle from the image build in the specified target directory. Each resulting image contains the specified bundle identifier as part of its filename. Uncompressed image files are also compressed as an XZ archive. An SHA checksum is generated for each resulting image.



Directory containing the bundle results, compressed versions of image results, and SHA checksum files.


Specify the bundle format to create the bundle. If provided, this setting will overwrite an eventually provided bundle_format attribute from the main image description. The format string can contain placeholders for the following elements:

  • %N : Image name
  • %P : Concatenated profile name (_)
  • %A : Architecture name
  • %I : Bundle ID
  • %T : Image build type name
  • %M : Image Major version number
  • %m : Image Minor version number
  • %p : Image Patch version number
  • %v : Image Version string

Bundle ID. It is a free-form text appended to the image version information as part of the result image filename.


Directory containing the KIWI NG build results.


Download location of the bundle file or files. Only relevant if zsync is used to sync the bundle.

  • The zsync control file is created for the bundle files marked for compression.
  • All files in a bundle must be stored in the same download location.

Create an RPM package containing the result files.


Marcus Schäfer


Jun 07, 2024 10.0.21 KIWI NG