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kiwi::image::info - Man Page

Provide detailed information about an image description


kiwi-ng [global options] service <command> [<args>]

kiwi-ng image info -h | --help
kiwi-ng image info --description=<directory>
kiwi-ng image info help


Provides information about the specified image description. If no specific info option is provided, the command lists basic information about the image. This information is also available in the image XML description file. Specifying an extension option like resolve-package-list makes a dependency resolver to run through the list of packages, providing more detailed information about the image description.



Add repository with given source, type, alias and priority.


The description must be a directory containing a kiwi XML description and optional metadata files.


Ignore all repository configurations from the XML description. This option is usually used together with the --add-repo option. Otherwise there are no repositories available for the processing the requested image information, which could lead to an error.


Solve package dependencies and return a list of all packages including their attributes, for example size, shasum, and more.


Print image description in the XML format. The specified image description is converted to XML and sent to the XSLT stylesheet processor. The result is then validated using the RelaxNG schema and the schematron rules. The command is normally used to convert an old image description to the latest schema.


Behaves similar to --print-xml, but after validation, the result is converted to the YAML format. The command can be used for different operations:

  • Conversion of the specified image description from or into different formats. This requires the anymarkup Python module to be installed. The module is not a hard requirement and loaded on demand. If the module is missing, requests to convert to other format than XML fail.
  • Update of an old image description to the latest schema


Marcus Schäfer


Apr 26, 2024 10.0.11 KIWI NG