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kea-dhcp-ddns - Man Page

DHCP-DDNS process in Kea


kea-dhcp-ddns [-v] [-V] [-W] [-d] [-c config-file] [-t config-file]


The kea-dhcp-ddns service process requests an update of DNS mapping based on DHCP lease-change events. It runs as a separate process that expects to receive Name Change Requests from Kea DHCP servers.


The arguments are as follows:


Displays the Kea version.


Displays the extended Kea version.


Displays the configuration report.


Sets the logging level to debug with extra verbosity. This is primarily for development purposes in stand-alone mode.

-c config-file

Specifies the configuration file with the configuration for the DHCP-DDNS server. It may also contain configuration entries for other Kea services.

-t config-file

Checks the syntax of the configuration file and reports the first error, if any. Note that not all parameters are completely checked; in particular, a service socket is not opened.


Kea comes with an extensive Kea Administrator Reference Manual that covers all aspects of running the Kea software - compilation, installation, configuration, configuration examples, and much more. Kea also features a Kea Messages Manual, which lists all possible messages Kea can print with a brief description for each of them. Both documents are available in various formats (.txt, .html, .pdf) with the Kea distribution. The Kea documentation is available at https://kea.readthedocs.io.

Kea source code is documented in the Kea Developer's Guide, available at https://reports.kea.isc.org/dev_guide/.

The Kea project website is available at https://kea.isc.org.

Mailing Lists and Support

There are two public mailing lists available for the Kea project. kea-users (kea-users at lists.isc.org) is intended for Kea users, while kea-dev (kea-dev at lists.isc.org) is intended for Kea developers, prospective contributors, and other advanced users. Both lists are available at https://lists.isc.org. The community provides best-effort support on both of those lists.

ISC provides professional support for Kea services. See https://www.isc.org/kea/ for details.


The b10-dhcp-ddns process was first coded in May 2013 by Thomas Markwalder.

Kea became a standalone server and the BIND 10 framework was removed. The DHCP-DDNS server binary was renamed to kea-dhcp-ddns in July 2014. Kea 1.0.0 was released in December 2015.

See Also

kea-dhcp4(8), kea-dhcp6(8), kea-ctrl-agent(8), kea-admin(8), keactrl(8), perfdhcp(8), kea-netconf(8), kea-lfc(8), Kea Administrator Reference Manual.


Internet Systems Consortium

Referenced By

kea-admin(8), keactrl(8), kea-ctrl-agent(8), kea-dhcp4(8), kea-dhcp6(8), kea-lfc(8), kea-shell(8), perfdhcp(8).

Jun 08, 2024 2.6.0 Kea