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kafs-check-config - Man Page

AFS configuration check tool


kafs-check-config [OPTION]... [<cellname>]*

Where options are:

[-46PDvv] [-c <conffile>]* [-N <restriction>]


This program is used to check the configuration for the in-kernel AFS filesystem (kAFS).  This configuration is used when systemd mounts the filesystem to load up the cell database and create cell automounts in the /afs directory.

The configuration is also used by the kernel name resolver upcall to provide static configuration for some cells and to specify overrides and limits on DNS lookups.

If a list of <cellname> arguments is given, the listed cells will be dumped, including the sources of the Volume Location records and address records.

The available options are:



Only show IPv4 addresses in the dump.


Only show IPv6 addresses in the dump.


Dump the parse tree of the configuration file(s).


Dump the cell database extracted from the configuration.


Increase the verbosity of the output.  This may be specified multiple times.

-c <conffile>

Specify a configuration file to read instead of the system default.  This may be specified multiple times and the configuration files are read and applied in order.

-N <restriction>

Apply a restriction to the lookup performed for the listed cells (if any are). Restrictions include:

-N vl-srv

Don't use SRV records to find Volume Location servers.

-N vl-afsdb

Don't use AFSDB records to find Volume Location servers.

-N vl-all

Don't use SRV or AFSDB records to find Volume Location servers.

-N vl-host

Don't look cell name up as hostname to find a Volume Location server.

-N vl-dns

Don't do any lookups to find Volume Location servers.  Use only the static configuration.

Exit Status


If check okay and any dumping succeeded.


If an error occurs during processing.


If a command line error occurs.

See Also

kafs(7), kafs-client.conf(5)

Referenced By


16 Apr 2019 Linux AFS Config Checker