ixpdimm-cli man page

ixpdimm-cli — CLI to manage Intel(R) DIMMs


ixpdimm-cli <verb> [<options>] [<targets>] [<properties>]


A command has a single verb which represents the action to be taken.  Verb choices are create, delete, dump, help, load, set, show, start, and version. Use

<verb> -help

to see available commands for a specific verb.


Following the verb are zero or more options which modify the action of the verb; overriding the default behavior with explicitly requested behavior.


Generally one or more targets are required to indicate the object of the action. Use

<verb> -help <target>

to see available commands for a verb/target pair.


Finally, zero or more properties defined as a key/value pair can be used to modify the target.


Command line access to DIMM Management functionality is available through the ixpdimm-cli component. The NVMCLI exposes all available management features of the underlying DIMM. The Command Line Interface is an end-user, manufacturing and validation utility.

Show Device Firmware:

Update Firmware:

load -source (path) [-force|-f] [-examine|-x] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)]

Show Device Performance:

show [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] -performance [(BytesRead|BytesWritten|HostReads|HostWrites|BlockReads|BlockWrites)]

Run Diagnostic:

start [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -diagnostic [(Quick|Config|Security|FW)] [-dimm (DimmIDs)]

Create Support Snapshot:

create [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -support [Name = (string)]

Dump Support Data:

dump -destination (path) [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -support

Delete Support Data:

delete [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -support

Toggle Software Logging:

set [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -system LogLevel = (0|1)


version [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)]

Acknowledge event:

set [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -event (EventID) ActionRequired = 0

Show Events:

show [-starttime (MM:dd:yyyy:hh:mm:ss)] [-endtime (MM:dd:yyyy:hh:mm:ss)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -event [(EventID)] [-dimm (DimmID)] [-namespace (NamespaceID)] [Severity = (Info|Warn|Critical|Fatal)] [Category = (Diag|FW|PlatformConfig|PM|Quick|Security|Health|Mgmt)] [ActionRequired = (1|0)]

Show Preferences:

show [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -preferences

Change Preferences:


Show Logs:

show [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -log [Count = (count)]

Show Device Platform Configuration Data:

show [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] -pcd

Format Device:

start [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -format -dimm [(DimmIDs)]

Dump Device Support Data:

dump -destination (path) [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] -support

Delete Device Platform Configuration Data:

delete [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] -pcd (LSA)


help [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] [Name = (command)] [verb = (verb)]

Show Namespace:

show [-all|-a] [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -namespace [(NamespaceIDs)] [-pool (PoolID)] [HealthState = (Unknown|Healthy|Warning|Critical|BrokenMirror)]

Create Namespace:

create [-force|-f] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -namespace [-pool [(PoolID)]] [PersistentMemoryType = (AppDirect|AppDirectNotInterleaved)] [Name = (string)] [Optimize = (CopyOnWrite|None)] [Enabled = (0|1)] [Encryption = (No|Yes|Ignore)] [EraseCapable = (No|Yes|Ignore)] [Capacity = (GiB)] [MemoryPageAllocation = (None|DRAM|AppDirect)]

Modify Namespace:

set [-force|-f] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -namespace [(NamespaceIDs)] [Name = (string)] [Enabled = (0|1)] [Capacity = (GiB)]

Delete Namespace:

delete [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -namespace [(NamespaceIDs)]

Show Memory Allocation Goal:

show [-all|-a] [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-units|-u (B|MB|MiB|GB|GiB|TB|TiB)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] [-dimm (DimmIDs)] [-socket (SocketIDs)] -goal

Delete Memory Allocation Goal:

delete [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] [-dimm (DimmIDs)] -goal [-socket (SocketIDs)]

Create Memory Allocation Goal:

create [-force|-f] [-units|-u (B|MB|MiB|GB|GiB|TB|TiB)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] [-dimm (DimmIDs)] -goal [-socket (SocketIDs)] [MemoryMode = (0|%)] [PersistentMemoryType = (AppDirect|AppDirectNotInterleaved)] [Reserved = (0|%)] [Config = (MM|AD|MM+AD)] [NamespaceLabelVersion = (1.1|1.2)]

Show Persistent Memory:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-all|-a] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -pool [(PoolID)] [-socket (SocketIDs)]

Dump Memory Allocation Settings:

dump -destination (path) [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -system -config

Load Memory Allocation Goal:

load [-force|-f] -source (path) [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -goal [-dimm (DimmIDs)] [-socket (SocketIDs)]

Show Sensor:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-all|-a] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -sensor [(MediaTemperature|ControllerTemperature|SpareCapacity|WearLevel|UnsafeShutdowns|PowerOnTime|UpTime|PowerCycles|PowerLimited|Health)] [-dimm (DimmIDs)]

Change Sensor Settings:

set [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -sensor (MediaTemperature|ControllerTemperature|SpareCapacity) [-dimm (DimmIDs)] [NonCriticalThreshold = (value)] [EnabledState = (0|1)]

Show Host Server:

show [-all|-a] [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -system

Show Device:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-all|-a] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] [-socket (SocketIDs)]

Modify Device:

set [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] [FirstFastRefresh = (0|1)] [ViralPolicy = (0|1)]

Set Firmware Log Level:

set [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] FwLogLevel = (Disabled|Error|Warning|Info|Debug)

Change Device Passphrase:

set [-source (path)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] Passphrase = [(string)] NewPassphrase = [(string)] ConfirmPassphrase = [(string)]

Enable Device Security:

set [-source (path)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] NewPassphrase = [(string)] ConfirmPassphrase = [(string)]

Change Device Security:

set [-source (path)] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] LockState = (Unlocked|Disabled|Frozen) [Passphrase = [(string)] ]

Erase Device Data:

delete [-source (path)] [-force|-f] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] Passphrase = [(string)]

Show Memory Resources:

show [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -memoryresources

Show System Capabilities:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-all|-a] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -system -capabilities

Show Topology:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-all|-a] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -topology [-dimm (DimmIDs)] [-socket (SocketIDs)]

Show Socket:

show [-display|-d (Attributes)] [-units|-u] [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -socket [(SocketIDs)]

Inject Error:

set [-help|-h] [-output|-o (text|nvmxml|verbose)] -dimm [(DimmIDs)] [Clear = 1] [Temperature = (degrees)] [Poison = (address)] [PoisonType = (PatrolScrub|MemoryMode|AppDirect)] [DieSparing = 1] [SpareCapacity = 1] [FatalMediaError = 1] [DirtyShutdown = 1]



Show all attributes. Note: The all and display options are exclusive and may not be used together.

-display|-d (Attributes)

Filter the returned attributes by explicitly specifying a comma separated list of any of the attributes defined in the Return Data section. Note: The all and display options are exclusive and may not be used together.


Display help for the command.

-output|-o text|nvmxml

Change the output format. One of: "text" (default) or "nvmxml".

Exit Codes


The operation succeeded.


A general error occurred when executing the operation.


There was not enough memory to complete the requested operation.


The command is not supported in the current context.


Syntax error.


ixpdimm-cli show -dimm

Show default information about all DIMMs

ixpdimm-cli show -a -dimm 1234

Show all information about DIMM 1234.

ixpdimm-cli show -d HealthState,LockState -dimm

Show HealthState and LockState information for all DIMMs.

ixpdimm-cli set -source mypassphrase.file -dimm 1234
NewPassphrase="" ConfirmPassphrase=""

Set a passphrase on DIMM 1234 by supplying the passphrase in the file mypassphrase.file.  The format of the file would be:


ixpdimm-cli create -goal -dimm 1234 PersistentMemoryType=AppDirect

Configure the capacity on a specific DIMM in AppDirect Mode.

ixpdimm-cli set -sensor MediaTemperature -dimm 1234 NonCriticalThreshold=51 EnabledState=1

Change the media temperature threshold to 51 on the specified DIMM and enable the alarm.

ixpdimm-cli show -dimm -performance BytesRead

Show the number of bytes read for all DIMMs in the server.

ixpdimm-cli show -a -namspace 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012

Show all attributes for the specified namespace

ixpdimm-cli create -namespace -pool 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012
Type=Storage BlockSize=512 BlockCount=2097152

Create a 1 GB Storage namespace on pool 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012 with a block size of 512



See Also

ixpdimm-monitor (8)


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