iwhd man page

Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Red Hat, Inc.


iwhd [OPTION]


Aeolus' image-warehouse daemon. A configuration file must be specified.

-a, --autostart

start necessary back-end services

-c, --config=FILE

config file [required]

-d, --db=HOST_PORT

database server as ip[:port]

-l, --logfile=FILE

logfile (default stdout/stderr)

-m, --master=HOST_PORT

master (upstream) server as ip[:port]

-o, --oauth

enable OAuth

-p, --port=PORT

alternate listen port (default 9090)

-u, --userlist=FILE

list of user names, secrets (0600 permissions)

-v, --verbose

verbose/debug output


display this help and exit


output version information and exit

The default RHEV-M import timeout is 1800 seconds.



Log file established by default /etc/init file. /tmp Directory for small temporary files, configurable via the $TMPDIR environment variable.


Written by Jeff Darcy, Jim Meyering, and Pete Zaitcev.

Reporting Bugs

Report iwhd bugs to iwhd-devel@fedorahosted.org.

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