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iwd - Man Page

Internet wireless daemon


iwd [options ...]


Daemon for managing Wireless devices on Linux.

The iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd) project aims to provide a comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity solution for Linux based devices.  The core goal of the project is to optimize resource utilization: storage, runtime memory and link-time costs.  This is accomplished by not depending on any external libraries and utilizes features provided by the Linux Kernel to the maximum extent possible.  The result is a self-contained environment that only depends on the Linux Kernel and the runtime C library.


--version,  -v

Show version number and exit.

--help,  -h

Show help message and exit.


$STATE_DIRECTORY is used for network configuration files.  See iwd.network for details.

$CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY is used for daemon configuration settings.  Only the file main.conf is currently read from this directory.  See iwd.config for details.

See iwd.debug for further environment variables for debugging.

See Also

iwd.config(5), iwd.network(5), iwd.debug(7), iwctl(1), iwmon(1), hwsim(1), ead(8), systemd.exec(5)



Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>, Denis Kenzior <denkenz@gmail.com>, Andrew Zaborowski <andrew.zaborowski@intel.com>, Tim Kourt <tim.a.kourt@linux.intel.com>, James Prestwood <prestwoj@gmail.com>

Referenced By

ead(8), hwsim(1), iwctl(1), iwd.ap(5), iwd.config(5), iwd.debug(7), iwd.network(5), iwmon(1).

22 September 2019 Linux Connectivity