isunoem - Man Page

OEM commands for Sun servers


ipmiutil sunoem [-mx -NPRUEFJTVY] commands


ipmiutil sunoem commands is a program that uses Sun OEM IPMI commands to perform platform-specific functions.


-m 002000

Show FRU for a specific MC (e.g. bus 00, sa 20, lun 00). This could be used for PICMG or ATCA blade systems. The trailing character, if present, indicates SMI addressing if 's', or IPMB addressing if 'i' or not present.


Causes extra debug messages to be displayed.

-N nodename

Nodename or IP address of the remote target system.  If a nodename is specified, IPMI LAN interface is used.  Otherwise the local system management interface is used.

-P/-R rmt_pswd

Remote password for the nodename given.  The default is a null password.

-U rmt_user

Remote username for the nodename given.  The default is a null username.


Use the remote password from Environment variable IPMI_PASSWORD.

-F drv_t

Force the driver type to one of the followng: imb, va, open, gnu, landesk, lan, lan2, lan2i, kcs, smb. Note that lan2i means lan2 with intelplus. The default is to detect any available driver type and use it.


Use the specified LanPlus cipher suite (0 thru 17): 0=none/none/none, 1=sha1/none/none, 2=sha1/sha1/none, 3=sha1/sha1/cbc128, 4=sha1/sha1/xrc4_128, 5=sha1/sha1/xrc4_40, 6=md5/none/none, ... 14=md5/md5/xrc4_40. Default is 3.


Use a specified IPMI LAN Authentication Type: 0=None, 1=MD2, 2=MD5, 4=Straight Password, 5=OEM.


Use a specified IPMI LAN privilege level. 1=Callback level, 2=User level, 3=Operator level, 4=Administrator level (default), 5=OEM level.


Yes, do prompt the user for the IPMI LAN remote password. Alternatives for the password are -E or -P.



These commands provide a way to get and set the status of LEDs on a Sun Microsystems server.  Use 'sdr list generic' to get a list of devices that are controllable LEDs.  The ledtype parameter is optional and not necessary to provide on the command line unless it is required by hardware.

get sensorid [ledtype]

Get status of a particular LED described by a Generic Device Locator record in the SDR.  A sensorid of all will get the status of all available LEDS.

set sensorid ledmode [ledtype]

Set status of a particular LED described by a Generic Device Locator record in the SDR.  A sensorid of all will set the status of all available LEDS to the specified ledmode and ledtype.

LED Mode is required for set operations:

OFF         Off
ON          Steady On
STANDBY     100ms on 2900ms off blink rate
SLOW        1HZ blink rate
FAST        4HZ blink rate

LED Type is optional:

OK2RM       Ok to Remove
SERVICE     Service Required
ACT         Activity
LOCATE      Locate

fan speed 0-100

Set system fan speed (PWM duty cycle).

set userid keyfile

This command will allow you to specify an SSH key to use for a particular user on the Service Processor.  This key will be used for CLI logins to the SP and not for IPMI sessions.  View available users and their userids with the 'user list' command.

del userid

This command will delete the SSH key for a specified userid.

See Also

ipmiutil(8) ialarms(8) iconfig(8) icmd(8) idiscover(8) ievents(8) ifru(8) igetevent(8) ihealth(8) ilan(8) ireset(8) isel(8) isensor(8) iserial(8) isol(8)


See for the latest version of ipmiutil and any bug fix list.


Andy Cress <arcress at>

Referenced By

iekanalyzer(8), ipmiutil(8), iwdt(8).

Version 1.0: 09 Sep 2010