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iso8601 - Man Page

Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


iso8601 <command> [options]


Display and parse ISO 8601 dates and times


Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show command options


Show output modifiers


-n,  --now

Display the current date/time

-d,  --date=DATE

Parse an ISO 8601 date/time (for example, '2019-09-24 00:30:00 +01:00' or '2019-040')

-p,  --period=PERIOD

Parse an ISO 8601 period (interval) with start time (for example, '2005-040/2005-043')

-D,  --duration=DURATION

Parse an ISO 8601 duration (for example, 'P1M')

-E,  --expected=TEXT

Exit with error status if result does not match this text. Requires: -n or -d

Output modifiers

-s,  --seconds

Show result as a seconds since 0000-001 00:00:00Z

-S,  --epoch

Show result as a seconds since EPOCH (1970-001 00:00:00Z)

-L,  --local

Show result as a 'local' date/time

-O,  --ordinal

Show result as an 'ordinal' date/time

-W,  --week

Show result as an 'calendar week' date/time

Application Options

-$,  --version

Display software version and exit

-V,  --verbose

Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)

For more information on the ISO 8601 standard, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors


July 2024 Pacemaker 2.1.8-0.1.rc3.fc41 System Administration Utilities