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isnsdd - Man Page

iSNS discovery daemon


isnsdd [-f] [-c filename] [-d debug-facility]


Isnsdd is a client side daemon for iSNS. It registers storage nodes and portals with the iSNS service, and refreshes these registrations in a timely manner.

The daemon also registers itself to receive SCN notifications, and processes these. It can be configured to invoke an external helper application for each status notification received. The path name of the helper application can be specified via the SCNCallout option in the configuration file.


By default, isnsd will take most of its settings from the configuration file /etc/isns/isnsdd.conf, with the addition of the following command line options:

--config filename, -c filename

This option overrides the default configuration file.


By default, isnsd will put itself into the background. By specifying this option, you can tell it to run in the foreground. Any error messages or debug output will be printed to the console rather than being sent to syslog.

--role role

This tells the discovery daemon in which capacity is should register itself with the iSNS server. Role can be either initiator, or control. The default is to register as an initiator.

Registering target nodes needs to use a different mechanism, as the iSCSI target server needs to inform the discovery daemon about each exported target separately. This is not implemented yet.

--debug facility, -d facility

enables debugging. Valid facilities are

socketnetwork send/receive
authauthentication and security related information
messageiSNS protocol layer
statedatabase state
scnSCN (state change notification) messages
esiESI (entity status inquiry) messages
allall of the above

See Also

RFC 4171, isnsd(8), isnsadm(8), isns_config(5).


Olaf Kirch <olaf.kirch@oracle.com>

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11 May 2007