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ip-ioam - Man Page

IPv6 In-situ OAM (IOAM)


ip ioam { COMMAND | help }

ip ioam namespace show

ip ioam namespace add ID [ data DATA32 ] [ wide DATA64 ]

ip ioam namespace del ID

ip ioam schema show

ip ioam schema add ID DATA

ip ioam schema del ID

ip ioam namespace set ID schema { ID | none }


The ip ioam command is used to configure IPv6 In-situ OAM (IOAM6) internal parameters, namely IOAM namespaces and schemas.

Those parameters also include the mapping between an IOAM namespace and an IOAM schema.


Configure an IOAM namespace (ID = 1) with both data (32 bits) and wide data (64 bits)

# ip ioam namespace add 1 data 0xdeadbeef wide 0xcafec0caf00dc0de

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Justin Iurman <justin.iurman@uliege.be>

Referenced By

ip(8), ip-route(8).

05 Jul 2021 iproute2 Linux