intltoolize - Man Page

copy intltool related files to software package


intltoolize [option]...


This prepares a package to use intltool by linking or copying various files needed by intltool into place for use when building. Note that you must change your working directory to the top level directory of the package before running intltoolize.



Work silently and assume that automake is being used in software.


Copy files rather than creating symbolic links to them.


Enable verbose shell tracing.


Print commands only, instead of executing them.


Replace existing files if they exist.


Show usage and basic help information.


Show version information.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to


Darin Adler <>
Kenneth Christiansen <>
Maciej Stachowiak <>

See Also

intltool-prepare(8), intltool-extract(8), intltool-merge(8), intltool-update(8)

Referenced By

intltool-extract(8), intltool-merge(8), intltool-prepare(8), intltool-update(8).

2003-08-02 intltool