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intel_lpmd - Man Page

Intel Low Power Mode Daemon


intel_lpmd [ Options ]


intel_lpmd is a Linux daemon used to optimize active idle power. This daemon uses a configuration file "intel_lpmd_config.xml". Based on the configuration, it will choose right set of CPUs to enable. For example, this daemon can monitor system utilization and choose a set of low power CPUs to enable and disable the rest. This enable disable of CPUs are done using Linux cpuset feature of intel power clamp driver.

There is a control utility distributed along with this daemon. This control utility is called "intel_lpmd_control". This utility can be used to set different modes for this daemon. For example: intel_lpmd_control ON To turn on low power mode operation. intel_lpmd_control OFF To turn off low power mode operation. intel_lpmd_control AUTO To turn on low power mode operation in auto mode, which allows low power mode based on system utilization.


-h --help

Print the help message


Print intel_lpmd version and exit


Don't run as a daemon: Default is daemon mode


Assume daemon is started by systemd


log severity: can be info or debug


Enable Dbus server to receive requests via Dbus


Dry run without taking any action for debugging purpose.


intel_lpmd --loglevel=info --no-daemon --dbus-enable

Run intel_lpmd with log directed to stdout

intel_lpmd --systemd --dbus-enable

Run intel_lpmd as a service with logs directed to system journal

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Written by Zhang Rui <rui.zhang@intel.com>


1 Jun 2023