innreport - Man Page

summarize INN log files.


innreport -f innreport.conf [ -[no]options ] [ logfiles ]


Innreport is a perl(1) script that summarizes INN log files. It is normally invoked by scanlogs(8). Supported programs are innd(8), innfeed(1), innxmit(8), nntplink, nnrpd(8), batcher(8), rnews(1) and a few others.


There are lots of 'em. Run innreport with “-h” or “-help” to get full details.


Written by Fabien Tassin <> for InterNetNews. This is revision 8242, dated 2008-12-21.

See Also

innd(8), innfeed(8), innxmit(8), news.daily(8), newslog(5), nnrpd(8), scanlogs(8), writelog(8).

Referenced By

inn.conf(5), newslog(5), scanlogs(8).