ikiwiki-mass-rebuild - Man Page

rebuild all ikiwiki wikis on a system




ikiwiki-mass-rebuild can be used to force a rebuild of all the wikis on a system (when run as root), or all of a user's wikis (when run as non-root).

You will need to list the setup files for the wikis it should build in the file /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist, which has the format:

user /path/to/ikiwiki.setup

It's also possible to let a user list setup files in ~user/.ikiwiki/wikilist in their home directory. To do so, list only the user's name, without a setup file. The format of ~/.ikiwiki/wikilist is the same as  /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist.


All options are passed on to ikiwiki.


Joey Hess <joey@ikiwiki.info>

Referenced By

ikiwiki(1), ikiwiki-update-wikilist(1).