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idmap_sss - Man Page

SSSD's idmap_sss Backend for Winbind


The idmap_sss module provides a way to call SSSD to map UIDs/GIDs and SIDs. No database is required in this case as the mapping is done by SSSD.

Idmap Options

range = low - high

Defines the available matching UID and GID range for which the backend is authoritative.


This example shows how to configure idmap_sss as the default mapping module.

security = ads

idmap config <AD-DOMAIN-SHORTNAME> : backend        = sss
idmap config <AD-DOMAIN-SHORTNAME> : range          = 200000-2147483647

idmap config * : backend        = tdb
idmap config * : range          = 100000-199999

Please replace <AD-DOMAIN-SHORTNAME> with the NetBIOS domain name of the AD domain. If multiple AD domains should be used each domain needs an idmap config line with backend = sss and a line with a suitable range.

Since Winbind requires a writeable default backend and idmap_sss is read-only the example includes backend = tdb as default.

See Also

sssd(8), sssd.conf(5), sssd-ldap(5), sssd-ldap-attributes(5), sssd-krb5(5), sssd-simple(5), sssd-ipa(5), sssd-ad(5), sssd-sudo(5), sssd-session-recording(5), sss_cache(8), sss_debuglevel(8), sss_obfuscate(8), sss_seed(8), sssd_krb5_locator_plugin(8), sss_ssh_authorizedkeys(1), sss_ssh_knownhosts(1), sssd-ifp(5), pam_sss(8). sss_rpcidmapd(5) sssd-systemtap(5)


The SSSD upstream - https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/


06/26/2024 SSSD Manual pages