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ibccquery - Man Page

query congestion control settings/info


ibccquery [common_options] [-c cckey] <op> <lid|guid> [port]


ibccquery support the querying of settings and other information related to congestion control.


Current supported operations and their parameters:

CongestionInfo (CI) <addr> CongestionKeyInfo (CK) <addr> CongestionLog (CL) <addr> SwitchCongestionSetting (SS) <addr> SwitchPortCongestionSetting (SP) <addr> [<portnum>] CACongestionSetting (CS) <addr> CongestionControlTable (CT) <addr> Timestamp (TI) <addr>

--cckey, -c <cckey>
Specify a congestion control (CC) key.  If none is specified, a key of 0 is used.

Debugging flags


raise the IB debugging level. May be used several times (-ddd or -d -d -d).


show send and receive errors (timeouts and others)

-h, --help      show the usage message

-v,  --verbose

increase the application verbosity level. May be used several times (-vv or -v -v -v)

-V, --version     show the version info.

Addressing Flags

-G, --Guid     The address specified is a Port GUID

-L, --Lid   The address specified is a LID

-s, --sm_port <smlid>     use 'smlid' as the target lid for SA queries.

Port Selection flags

-C, --Ca <ca_name>    use the specified ca_name.

-P, --Port <ca_port>    use the specified ca_port.

Local port Selection

Multiple port/Multiple CA support: when no IB device or port is specified (see the "local umad parameters" below), the libibumad library selects the port to use by the following criteria:

  1. the first port that is ACTIVE.
  2. if not found, the first port that is UP (physical link up).

If a port and/or CA name is specified, the libibumad library attempts to fulfill the user request, and will fail if it is not possible.

For example:

ibaddr                 # use the first port (criteria #1 above)
ibaddr -C mthca1       # pick the best port from "mthca1" only.
ibaddr -P 2            # use the second (active/up) port from the first available IB device.
ibaddr -C mthca0 -P 2  # use the specified port only.

Configuration flags

-y,  --m_key <key>

use the specified M_key for requests. If non-numeric value (like 'x') is specified then a value will be prompted for.

--config, -z  <config_file> Specify alternate config file.

Default: /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf


Config File


A global config file is provided to set some of the common options for all tools.  See supplied config file for details.


ibccquery CongestionInfo 3              # Congestion Info by lid
ibccquery SwitchPortCongestionSetting 3 # Query all Switch Port Congestion Settings
ibccquery SwitchPortCongestionSetting 3 1 # Query Switch Port Congestion Setting for port 1


Albert Chu

< chu11@llnl.gov >


2012-05-31 OpenIB Diagnostics