ib2ib_setup - Man Page

Generate files required for preparing the network to work with IB Router



ib2ib_setup [-fIPSFILES]ips_file...


This  program  invokes ibnetdiscover to scan the network to extract the data about host port names,  LIDs and GUIDs, and uses arping to scan the subnet for IPs. It then writes out the information into 3 separate files: ip2gid.db, guid2lid and hosts.


This file holds the IP to GID mapping used by ibacm service running on each machine in the cluster.


This  file holds the mapping of GUID to LID. It should be copied into the SM cache directory. At the moment it is only supported by host  based  OpenSM  or  UFM  appliance (switch based OpenSM does not support it).


This file holds mapping of host name to IP and should be placed in /etc/hosts and pointed by nsswitch.conf (lathernatively use a DNS).



"device name". For example: -d ib0. The interface through which the subnet is scanned for IP to GUID mapping using arping.


"Networks/mask  to  scan".  For  example: -n, (note:different subnet separated by comma).   The flag -n is provided a set of IPs to be scanned on the subnet (i.e. A.B.C.D/24) or use the -f with text file holding an IP on each line.


"Subnet number" - unique number for local subnet. (on each subnet you should give different number.)


"help" Print a brief help message and exits.


"filename" Specifies a file that holds IPs list. If provided avoids the scan of IPs and overrides the -n option.


ib2ib2_setup with -a (subnet to scan):

ib2ib_setup -d ib0 -a, -s 3

ib2ib_Setup with -f (read IPs from file):

ib2ib_setup -d ib0 -f my_ips_list.txt -s 3

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