httpdtap man page

httpdtap ā€” Utility for querying httpd using SystemTap scripts.


httpdtap <command> [[stap_argument], ...] [[arg], ...]

httpdtap help <command>

httpdtap --version


The purpose of the httpdtap utility is to query running httpd process to get various debugging or performance related data from it.

Examples of such data could be the list of files accessed during a request, time needed to dispatch a request, the list of requests slower than N milliseconds or the list of requests sent from particular IP address.

Thanks to SystemTap the performance penalty is very low and therefore the httpdtap can be used even on production systems.


Without any argument passed to httpdtap, httpdtap shows the help message and the list of available commands.

<command> [[stap_argument], ...] [[arg], ...]

Executes httpdtap command. List of available commands can be obtained by executing httpdtap without any arguments. stap_argument is optional and is the argument passed to stap command. These arguments are listed in stap(8) manpage. Usage of argument arg depends on particular commands which is going to be executed and is documented in help <command> output.

help <command>

Shows help message related to particular httpdtap command.


Shows httpdtap version.


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For more information, see the httpdtap homepage at


September 10, 2013 Version 0.2 httpdtap Manual