hostip man page

hostip — Resolve a host name to an IP address


hostip [options] host_name


hostip sends a DNS query to a resolver, and prints the IP addresses for the given host name.

It can be useful in order to retrieve IP addresses before dnscrypt-proxy(8) is started.


-6, --ipv6: ask for AAAA records.
-h, --help: show usage.
-r, --resolver-address=<ip>[:port]: the resolver IP address (default:, Google DNS).
-V, --version: show version number.

Simple Usage Example

$ hostip www.example.com

Advanced Usage Example

$ hostip -6 -r www.google.com

Exit Status

The hostip utility exits 0 on success, and > 0 if an error occurs.

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Explore man page connections for hostip(8).

June 2015