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gssproxy - Man Page

GssProxy Daemon


gssproxy [options]


gssproxy provides a daemon to manage access to GSSAPI credentials.

gssproxy consists of the gssproxy daemon (configured by the gssproxy.conf(5) file) and a GSSAPI interposer plugin (gssproxy-mech(8)).



Become a daemon after starting up.


Specify a config file to use as the main config file (read before the rest of the config directory). The default is to use the file /etc/gssproxy/gssproxy.conf. For reference on the config file syntax and options, consult the gssproxy.conf(5) manual page.


Specify a non-default config dir. Files named of the form "##-foo.conf" (that is, beginning with two digits and a dash, and ending in ".conf") will be read in numeric order from this directory, in addition to the config file itself. The default is /etc/gssproxy. For reference on the config file syntax and options, consult the gssproxy.conf(5) manual page.


Turn on debugging. This option is identical to --debug-level=1.


Turn on debugging at the specified level. 0 corresponds to no logging, while 1 turns on basic debug logging. Level 2 increases verbosity, including more detailed credential verification.

At level 3 and above, KRB5_TRACE output is logged. If KRB5_TRACE was already set in the execution environment, trace output is sent to its value instead.


Run in the foreground, don't become a daemon.


Run gssproxy in userproxy mode. This mode ignores configuration files, and listens on a socket in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/gssproxy/default.sock instead. See the project documentation for more information on the behavior of this mode.


Specify a custom default socket name. This socket will be used by all sections that do not define an explicit socket.


Enable additional logging to syslog.


Print version number and exit.



Informs the GssProxy to gracefully terminate all of its child processes and then shut down.


Request a reload of all configuration for gssproxy. If there is an error in the configuration files, the existing configuration will not be replaced; if there is a problem applying the new configuration, gssproxy will exit.

See Also

gssproxy.conf(5) and gssproxy-mech(8).


GSS-Proxy - http://fedorahosted.org/gss-proxy

Referenced By

gssproxy.conf(5), gssproxy-mech(8), gssproxy_selinux(8).

01/24/2024 GSS Proxy GssProxy Manual pages