grub2-bios-setup - Man Page

Set up images to boot from a device.


grub-bios-setup [-a | --allow-floppy] [-b | --boot-image=FILE]

[-c | --core-image=FILE] [-d | --directory=DIR]
[-f | --force] [-m | --device-map=FILE]
[-s | --skip-fs-probe] [-v | --verbose] DEVICE


You should not normally run this program directly.  Use grub-install instead.



Make the device also bootable as a floppy.  This option is the default for /dev/fdX devices.  Some BIOSes will not boot images created with this option.


Use FILE as the boot image.  The default value is boot.img.


Use FILE as ther core image.  The default value is core.img.


Use GRUB files in the directory DIR.  The default value is /boot/grub.


Install even if problems are detected.


Use FILE as the device map.  The default value is /boot/grub/ .


Do not probe DEVICE for filesystems.


Print verbose messages.

See Also

info grub


Wed Feb 26 2014