gridftpd - Man Page

ARC GridFTP Server


gridftpd [OPTION]...


gridftpd is the daemon running the ARC GridFTP server. This server has plugins to allow job submission from Grid clients and to expose a local filesystem as a Grid Storage Element. For more information see "The ARC Computing Element System Administrator Guide" (NORDUGRID-MANUAL-20).



display help text

-p number

port on which to listen

-c path

full path to config file

-n number

maximum number of connections allowed

-b number

default buffer size

-B number

maximum buffer size


run daemon in foreground

-U user[:group]

user (and group) name to switch to after starting

-L path

path to log file

-P path

path to pid file

-d number

debug level, from 0 (lowest verbosity) to 5 (highest verbosity)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to




David Cameron <>


2024-04-12 NorduGrid ARC 6.19.0 NorduGrid System Managers Manual