gogoc man page

gogoc ā€” gogoCLIENT


gogoc [-h] [-?] [-y] [-n] [-b]
gogoc [-f config_file] [-i interface_name] [-u interface_name] [-s interface_name] [-r retry_delay]


gogoc provides a means to configure a tunnel obtained from a tunnel server that supports the tunnel setup protocol (TSP). gogoc will connect to a tunnel server and request a tunnel according to the specifications given in the configuration file. As a background process, it will then monitor the state of the tunnel. In the event of a timeout, gogoc will establish a new tunnel.

gogoc currently supports three types of tunnels:

- v6v4 (IPv6 over IPv4)

Supported on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Darwin and OpenWRT.

- v6udpv4 (IPv6 over UDP over IPv4)

Supported on FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Darwin and OpenWRT.

- v4v6 (IPv4 over IPv6 (DSTM))

Supported on FreeBSD and Windows.


The following options are available:

-h, -?

Displays a short usage summary and quits.


Automatically accept server's public key.


Run as a foreground process.


Stop trying to reconnect upon first error received.

-f configuration_file

Specifies a different configuration file.
Default is /etc/gogoc/gogoc.conf.

-s interface_name

Overrides client_v4 in gogoc.conf(5)

-i interface_name

Overrides if_tunnel_v6v4 in gogoc.conf(5)

-u interface_name

Overrides if_tunnel_v6udpv4 in gogoc.conf(5)

-r retry_delay

Overrides retry_delay in gogoc.conf(5)

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