glusterd - Man Page

Gluster elastic volume management daemon


glusterd [OPTION...]


The glusterd daemon is used for elastic volume management. The daemon must be run on all export servers.


Basic options

-l <LOGFILE>, --log-file=<LOGFILE>

File to use for logging.

-L <LOGLEVEL>, --log-level=<LOGLEVEL>

Logging severity.  Valid options are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL (the default is INFO).


Enable localtime log timestamps.


Run the program in debug mode. This option sets --no-daemon, --log-level to DEBUG and --log-file to console.

-N,  --no-daemon

Run the program in the foreground.

Miscellaneous Options

-?,  --help

Display this help.


Display a short usage message.

-V,  --version

Print the program version.



See Also

fusermount(1), mount.glusterfs(8), glusterfs(8), gluster(8)

Referenced By

gluster(8), gluster-block(8), gluster-blockd(8), glusterd_selinux(8).

Gluster elastic volume management daemon 07 March 2011 Gluster Inc.